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K5 Book 3 That Hat Lesson Plan


What we did today……..

We are learning to read sight words and write our letters. We are focusing on sight words and writing upper and lower case letters for the next couple of weeks. We will be working on letter sound review, citizenship, math and our alphabet book at least once a week.

Prior to starting the lesson with your child, you may want to visit the links to Amazon to find the items that I used.  I have alloted 2 days to learn the sight words and read the book.  Your child may need more time, that is fine.  These are work at your own pace lesson plans.

We are using Sight Word Readers by Scholastic which include 50 commonly used words.

I have created sight word readers flash cards for the 50 site words in these readers Free Printable. I printed mine on card stock, cut them out and glued 2 cards together and laminated 4 (8 words) per sheet.

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Learn Sight Words

Learn Sight Words


Sight Words are an important part of learning how to read.   There are 2 lists of sight words that a child should learn by sight, the Dolce list and the Fry list.  You can teach these sight words in several different ways.  You can use flashcards, games, books, videos, apps and more.

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Kindergarten Morning Time

Kindergarten Morning Time


Below you will find links to the supplies and the free printables  used to create this Kindergarten learning board.  I have included photos to show you how I assembled this morning board.


I purchase most of my supplies from Amazon to save time and money.
Below are image links to products I purchased to make this learning board.

Here is the completed board



I used glue to stick the  days of the week poster to upper left top corner of the board.


I purchased this numbers to 100 poster, book, numbers and flash cards kit on Amazon.

I used tape to adhere the poster to the middle bottom of the board.  Each morning I use my finger pointer and tough each number as we count to 100.  I have the remaining book, letters and flashcards stored to use at math time.




Laminate the left and right shoe, cut out each shoe and punch out the lace holes.  Attach lace on top holes and put velcro dots on the back of each foot.


Stick the shoes to the lower left of the middle board beside the number chart.  Use the shoes to teach right and left, lacing and tying.


Attach the dry erase clock to the lower right left of the board using adhesive hooks.
I use this clock with the clock printable by Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I set the clock and write the time on this board clock.


My son will copy the time I put on the clock onto this page.



Tape or glue this shape puzzle on the right side of the board above the clock.

Awesome for vocabulary memorization for the little ones :):

I found this great colorful flash card template by activity village.  I am going to use these to create sight word cards that go with the hooked on phonics lesson.


Click on the link that prints 4 per page to create number flash cards


Laminate each sheet, then cut into flash cards.  Punch holes in the upper left corner and use a binder ring to hold them together.






I printed the calendar and what time is it sheet from the My Kindergarten Daily Learning Notebook by Confessions of a Homeschooler. You will find so many great resources from this site.  I printed out the Sunday to Monday calendar sheets and placed them in a reusable dry erase pocket.  Learning Resources Write And Wipe Pockets includes 5 dry erase markers and 5 pockets.  We will be using more of these pockets in this and other projects.


I printed this time and temperature sheet and laminated it.  I purchased Crayola 6ct Dry Erase Broad Line Washable Markers to give him colors to fill in the clock hands, draw the weather clothing and fill in the temperature.  I also purchased a


I found the ones that I am using at Dollar Tree.  This poster from Amazon can be cut
apart to make the months of the year flip chart.


I wanted to include posters, they all have the same hole placement.  I used one of the posters as a guide for the holes on each month card.


I punched 2 holes in the top of the middle board and attached the months of the year cards using binder rings.


Found this great resource by Twisty Noodle.  Click on the example below.
One this site, click on Handwriting sheets in menu.  Then, click on the letter on the left that your child’s name starts with.  Click on the handwriting worksheet that looks like the format below.  You will have the option to customize the worksheet with your child’s name.


I decided to make an area on our morning boards to hole several laminated learning sheets that he can use with his dry erase markers.  I purchased a clip board and velcro dots to make the board removable.




Seasons flash cards front by ABC’s To Act’s



Seasons flash card back by Frugal Family Home



Bible verse cards by Wildflower Ramblings


Or you can print your own clock



I want to teach the Fry First 100 words



Sight word flashcards by Education.com


Print the Fry flash cards on colored paper and then laminate.  Cut out each flash card and store in storage envelope.


I purchased this envelope from Walmart years ago, but you can purchase one similar from Amazon (link below).