Who was Queen Elizabeth I?

History Curriculum for Grades 1 and 2.
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What is a verb?

Making reading and writing fun while learning about verbs.

Who was Boudicca?

History Curriculum Grade 1 & 2
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Dinosaurs Grade 1 Science

   I personally do not think that learning about dinosaurs is important unless he wants to be a paleontologist.  So, why am I including the history of dinosaurs into our science curriculum?  My son thinks dinosaurs are cool!  The information itself may not be useful, but learning to read and write about subjects that he…

Dollar Tree Finds …. March 2017

A new Dollar Tree opened up near me, I had to see what Home school teaching items I could find.  I was very pleased to find some learning wheels and readers with song Cd and lyric printables. I have found several file folder and pocket games from the Dollar Tree.  This trip, I found a…

Learn Sight Words

Sight Words are an important part of learning how to read.   There are 2 lists of sight words that a child should learn by sight, the Dolce list and the Fry list.  You can teach these sight words in several different ways.  You can use flashcards, games, books, videos, apps and more.

Kindergarten Morning Time

Below you will find links to the supplies and the free printables  used to create this Kindergarten learning board.  I have included photos to show you how I assembled this morning board. Supplies: I purchase most of my supplies from Amazon to save time and money. Below are image links to products I purchased to…