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Preschool Age 3/4 Letter of the Week Craft


Preschool Age 3/4 Letter of the Week Craft by Crystalandcomp.com

First off Thank you so much to Crystal and Comp for sharing these wonderful preschool letter projects for free.
We are so excited to make each and every letter.
We add the above letter of the week craft for our Preschool art class.
The letter craft by Crystalandcomp.com goes along great with the other resources we use :

  • My ” letter” books with Sight cards
  • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom with letter tree activity
  • Number car tracing mats
  • Chicka Chicka 123 number book and apple tree activity
  • Sensory bins
  • Busy Bags
  • Leapfrog books, videos and activities
  • Bible lessons
  • Puzzles,games and more
  • Romping and Roaring letter of the week activities by 3 Dinosaur.com
  • Letter of the week search activity by TheMeasuredMom.com

We try and read at least 20 minutes a day.  You can find great free Ebooks to borrow at www.wegivebooks.com
and Openlibrary.org.