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Hibernation Let’s Find Out

Hibernation Let’s Find Out


Depending on where you live, it may or may not feel like winter.  One of the  Scholastic Let’s Find Out magazine is about hibernation.  Below I will share additional printable, video’s and resources I used to teach my kindergartener about hibernation.


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Preschool Prep on the Farm


Today in our Preschool Prep class our theme was “on the farm”.   One day a week, we learn about animals or the world around us.  We first looked for books in our home library about animals on the farm.


I have been trying to find ways to use his toys as teaching tools.  The fisher price farm and magnetic letters were great for our farm theme.  I spread out the animals and the magnetic letters in front of his farm (I made sure that the first letter each animal starts with was out there).


I found these great paint with water books at Dollar Tree.  They have several different themes and this one is a farm


One of the other toys that we have not played with in a while was the Fisher Price See & Say.  He really enjoyed
playing with this while we sang Old MacDonald had a Farm.


Sing along with Old MacDonald had a Farm.

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