Economical Easter Basket


I get excited about after season or holiday clearance.  This is my biggest secret to making frugal yet substanctial Easter baskets.

  After Halloween Walmart usually has themed trick or treat buckets on clearance.  I purchased this Captain America bucket for $1.50.  

After Christmas  around February you can find a lot of toys on clearance.  I found action figures on sale for $3 to $5 dollars.  I purchased a Captain America t-shirt at Walmart online for $2.50. 

Next, time to hit the Dollar Tree where I found all sorts of Captain America stuff.  Captain America PEZ head, foam plane, coloring activity book and candy.  
This entire Easter Basket cost me $11 plus tax.  The best part is that he is going to love it and there is very little candy and a cool shirt for summer.  


K5 Book 2 Animals Lesson Plan


What we did today……..

We are learning to read sight words and write our letters. We are focusing on sight words and writing upper and lower case letters for the next couple of weeks. We will be working on letter sound review, citizenship, math and our alphabet book at least once a week.

Prior to starting the lesson with your child, you may want to visit the links to Amazon to find the items that I used.  I have alloted 2 days to learn the sight words and read the book.  Your child may need more time, that is fine.  These are work at your own pace lesson plans.

We are using Sight Word Readers by Scholastic which include 50 commonly used words.

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My Letter book

My Letter book


Have your child create their very own alphabet book.  I want to ensure that this book is very colorful and engaging.  I will use construction paper for the pages of this book and bind it with glue and tape.

Book Construction:

  • 29 sheets of construction paper
  • 2 large board books or clip boards
  • clamps
  • hot glue or rubber cement   (I used hot glue for my first book but I will use rubber cement for the next book.  The rubber cement will work in between each page easier).
  • clear tape or other tape

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Dollar Tree Finds …. March 2017

Dollar Tree Finds …. March 2017


A new Dollar Tree opened up near me, I had to see what Home school teaching items I could find.  I was very pleased to find some learning wheels and readers with song Cd and lyric printables.




I have found several file folder and pocket games from the Dollar Tree.  This trip, I found a beginning sounds game.  Each of the four monsters has a white area that works with washable dry erase markers.  Place a re-usable picture sticker in the mouth of each of the monsters.  Have your child write the beginning letter of each word.

When your child is older, you can laminate each of these using a laminating sheet and a piece of white paper behind.  Have your child spell out the word for each image.

Numbers Pre-K to Kindergarten



I found a great workbook by Kumon My Book of Numbers 1-30.  This workbook has very simple and colorful worksheets stated for ages 3-5 years of age.  I have chosen to use both workbook and online learning to teach my son math.

In this post, I will share with you the resources that we are using with this workbook to learn how to count and write numbers 1-30.  At the end of this workbook there is an award
certificate for a job well done.

Additional Apps: Starfall and Endless Numbers

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Geography Pre-K

Geography Pre-K


Learn and Explore.…..
I found these great workbooks from DK about several different subjects and several different grade levels.  Below I have taken each page from the Pre-K Geography workbook and provided some additional educational materials to help teach each topic to your child.

In the beginning of each workbook there are stars and a contents area that allows you to
put a sticker on each page that you complete.  At the end of the book, after all of the pages have been completed there is a completion certificate for this workbook.

I have included links to additional printables and books.  You may want to scroll ahead to see these resources to decide if you would like to include these in your Geography curriculum.

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Solar System Kindergarten

Solar System Kindergarten

Learning about our planet and the solar system that we are in is fascinating.
One of my son’s favorite pretend play themes is astronaut and aliens.  He likes to pretend to travel to each planet and meet new aliens.


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President Day

President Day


Let’s find out more about Presidents Day.  This year, Presidents day is on Monday, the
20th of February.  Below you will find books, videos, printables and Scholastic Resource Let’s Find Out that I used to teach my Kindergartener about President’s Day.


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Valentine’s Day Let’s Find Out



As a Christian home school mom, teaching my child about Christ’s love is so very important.  I found a great book about the story of Valentines Day and great stories
that teach God’s love.

Below you will find the books, printables, games and videos that I will use the week
of February 14th to teach my kindergartener about Christ’s Love and Valentines day.


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Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day


Can a Groundhog really predict the first day of Spring? Let’s find out!
The first Groundhog Day was Feb 02, 1887.  Below you will find books, videos, printables and Scholastic Resource Let’s Find Out that I used to teach my Kindergartener about
Groundhog day.


Paperback and Kindle versions

This blog contains Amazon Associate links.  I receive a small percent of money for any items that are purchased from links on my blog.  Any product that I provide a link to, is a product that I use myself.  I thank you for your support.

Scholastic Resources:

Let’s Find Out ………………………………………………………………

These resources require a yearly subscription.  I paid less than $8.00 a
school year  for 4 magazines a month.  You will also receive online access
to present and past issues, printables, games and videos.
I do not receive anything at all from Scholastic, I am just sharing a great inexpensive resource.

A Groundhog's Day




Animal Shadows




Below are printables that I have found on Pinterest.  Click on the image to
link to the original page and print the item.

Ground Hogs day Color by sight word .pdf:


click on image to go to the original site where you can   the print template
and complete instructions.

Pop Up Groundhog

  • a toilet paper roll,
  • popsicle stick (or pencil),
  • printer,
  • glue,
  • scissors,
  • something to color with,
  • paper