Grammar Grade 1

  Grammar Lessons Grade 1

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What grammar lessons does your first grader need to learn?  To make it easy, I purchased an inexpensive Scholastic workbook from Amazon for $5.99.   This workbook gives us a lesson plan and worksheets.

Watching learning videos and playing games makes learning fun and can help some children retain the information better than a workbook.  You will find links to the videos and games that we used to teach Grade 1 grammar.

Grammar Snap Videos:

  • Homeschool Pop grammar videos
  • BBC Bitesize KS1 video and games (Bitesize is not based on US English and the videos will only work on cellular data with your wifi turned off).

Grammar Games:

ABCYA (limited access without a membership)
BrainPOP Jr. (limited access without a membership)  (limited access without a membership)
BBC Bitesize
Grammar Gorillas by Fun Brain

Apps:  App Store, Kindle Apps, Play Store



Grammar by K5 Learning

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