Writing Manuscript Grade K & 1

Writing Practice Manuscript

Teaching a child to read and write can feel overwhelming but luckily there are several resources to help make this easier.  I tried  “Handwriting Without Tears ”  but it didn’t work for us.  For us combining videos, apps and worksheets made learning to write fun and easy.

Lotty Learns has great learning videos and a worksheets for each letter.
Watch all lower case letter video’s on the Lotty Learns channel.

We do a lot of our learning on the go using our Kindle Fire tablet.  I found  this great writing app for $3.99 on Google Play.  I purchased a fine point stylus pen that helps him with his pencil  grip and letter formation .  In order to complete each letter and then play with it, you must stay in the lines.   We use the stylus pen for several applications.


Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool is a FREE all in one curriculum.  I think that this is a great curriculum, at this point we are only using some of these great resources.  One of the items we use is the Getting Ready 2 handwriting worksheets  day 1 – 30.


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