Math Curriculum by Zearn


  First step in creating your own  curriculum is to determine your child’s learning style and your teaching style (there are several online questionnaires that can help you with this).  Do you want t use textbooks or online resources?  Do you want to use Common Core standards or Singapore math?

Our Answers to these questions:

  • Kinesthetic  Learner  – My child’s learning style
  • Online Learning  –  My teaching style
  • Singapore Math –  Math standard

Next step is to find your resources.  I researched several  options to fit our math needs and found Zearn grades 1-5.  I was shocked to find this free online resource.  Each lesson has a learning video, games and worksheets.  For us, this is an amazing find.

We are using as our main curriculum .  We supplement with games, YouTube videos and worksheets when extra work is needed.    I was not able to find any documentation that states that Zearn is based on Singapore math but the number bonds and other grade 1 materials are the same.

Here is the link to sign up for a FREE parent and then create student accounts at
Below you can find links to the other resources that we use in our first and second grade math curriculum.

See the source image


See the source image

Online Singapore math tools.

Games and online questions:

We use Matholia  the Singapore US version for additional video description and questions.  There is a monthly access fee but I was able to find a coupon for a free account until May 2019.

How to:

  • log onto matholia
  • create account
  • parent or teacher
  • in coupon area enter ISMC2019
  • then fill in your account information

See the source image

We use IXL Singapore version for free (limited access) additional lessons.
I choose questions that go along with what we are learning on Zearn.

See the source image

We use Splash Math games that go along with what we are learning on Zearn.
Click here at  Splash Math to create a Free parent or teacher account.


I will also print out worksheets from this Singapore math textbooks and workbooks for additional practice if needed.


Number Bond Dry Erase Cards

Learning Resources Mathlink Cubes, Educational Counting Toy, Set of 100 Cubes

Teacher Created Resources Foam Base Ten Set

70 Must-Know Word Problems, Grades 1 – 2 (Singapore Math)

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