Daily Morning Bedroom Routine

After a hard day, we all like to end our day in a clean and organized home.
Your bedroom, needs to be a place that is inviting and relaxing. With a simple quick morning routine, you can relax and retire to that relaxing place.

In my VLOG, I share my simple morning routine. The most important task is to make your bed. In one of my previous posts, I shared how using a duvet and bottom sheet only will help you make a bed quick and easy.

Get rid of clutter in your bedroom! Keep your dressers, bed and night stands free of clothing, makeup and other stuff. When it comes to bedrooms, less is best. I use curtains in place of blinds and closet doors. I like the fact that I can easily pop them in the wash. In a small space closet doors can take up room and make getting to higher shelving difficult. Simple curtains on a closet pole hung high, will make your space look larger.

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Have a very blessed day!

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