Dinosaurs Grade 1 Science


   I personally do not think that learning about dinosaurs is important unless he wants to be a paleontologist.  So, why am I including the history of dinosaurs into our science curriculum?  My son thinks dinosaurs are cool!  The information itself may not be useful, but learning to read and write about subjects that he likes makes learning fun!

We really like the book series ………..”What do dinosaurs…..” by Jane Tolen & Mark Teague.  These books do not tell the history of dinosaurs but have great behavior lessons in them.  These are also, great books for beginning readers.

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Here is the book that I used to teach about the history of dinosaurs.

You can find great video’s, games and more on PBS kids The CAT in the HAT knows a lot about that!


Worksheets and Crafts:

These are great dinosaur puppets.

  • Print on cardstock
  • Paint or color (we colored like the books by Jane Tolen & Mark Teague)
  • Cut out
  • Use brads to create movement






Great FREE game (click here to go to the creators page)


You will need dice for this game and others.

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