Smart Start G1 Week 1


Smart Start Week 1

Letters:  m, s, p, t, a, n, c, f, h
Sight Words:  I, can, we, like, see, the, go, to, have, a
Stories:  The Little Engine that Could, The Three Little Pigs, The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Youtube Week 1 Videos:

Language Arts:

Teachers Resources (Site created by a teacher)
Lesson Plan (created by a teacher)


Phonics Review

Read Aloud

Page 191 The Little Engine That Could in Reading Anthology

Image result for the little engine that could

Page 237 The Three Little Pigs in Reading Anthology

Image result for mcgraw hill the three little pigs
Click on image for Amazon link

Pages 1-15 in Smart Start Activity Book
Pages 3-9 in Teaching Chart  (These are to be completed over the 3 weeks of Smart Start)
Unit 1 Test Strategy
Writing: Storybox Make a Story Online


(Work on these lessons over the 3 weeks of Smart Start)

Learning to tell time for Smart Start Weeks using Telly the Time Clock and Kumon Telling Time books. We will use these workbooks through the year to tell time.

Here is a great video to help you teach your child to tell time

(Click on Images for Amazon Links)

Primary Mathematics 1) counting pg 8-17 in Textbook
pg 7-14 in Workbook
pg 1-6 Instuctor’s Guide

Number word page 6-8 in 240 Vocabulary Words by Scholastic
Scholastic News School Rules


The Jesus Storybook Bible
Story The Beginning A Perfect Home

Image result for the storybook bible a perfect home

Crafts and Other Activities:

I found these great craft projects and activities for the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar created by Easy Peasy and Fun and 123 Homeschool 4 Me.



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