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Things that I like …………

If you are like me, you like quality items that will help you keep organized and make your life easier.  unfortunately, I have purchased my fair share of items that were not useful or poor quality.

I have found that shopping online is a great way to read reviews about the product and get useful tips too.  This blog is going to share some products that I have found to be very helpful in our day-to-day routines.


I made a decision at the beginning of the year to get rid of all plastic from our kitchen.
I wanted to find a metal or silicone colander that I could use for fruit and other foods.
I liked the idea of a colander that was able to drain into the sink.  This way, I can wash my fruits and vegetables and leave them to dry.

I give this colander 5 stars.  The part that comes in contact with your food is silicone which was important to me.  It has a very sturdy handle that adjusts to fit your sink.
It is very well made, I have used it to drip dry dishes too.  This brings me to the next product that I have found to be very useful.


I have been looking for a dish rack that was not plastic.  I have had several different types of dish racks and the plastic ones get yucky and the wood options are too big.  I have a compact kitchen and wanted something that would not take up counter space.

This silicone roll up drying rack is fantastic.  I was concerned that it would be flimsy and cheaply made.  I was pleasantly surprised when I took this product out of the box. It is very strong, I have used it as a cooling rack for hot pots and baking pans.  I put my cutting board on it and can easily slide my cut fruits and vegetables to the strainer in the other sink.  It is easy to clean and just folds up for easy storage.

Another product that I really like is this snap on strainer.  I use to try and hold the lid and the heavy pot over the sink to drain the water out.  I lost more noodles down the sink with that method.   This fits on  my small to large pots and makes draining spaghetti noodles a breeze.  It is made of food grade silicone which is a plus in my efforts to remove plastic from my kitchen.

I hope that my reviews of these products are useful to you.
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