K5 Book 3 That Hat Lesson Plan


What we did today……..

We are learning to read sight words and write our letters. We are focusing on sight words and writing upper and lower case letters for the next couple of weeks. We will be working on letter sound review, citizenship, math and our alphabet book at least once a week.

Prior to starting the lesson with your child, you may want to visit the links to Amazon to find the items that I used.  I have alloted 2 days to learn the sight words and read the book.  Your child may need more time, that is fine.  These are work at your own pace lesson plans.

We are using Sight Word Readers by Scholastic which include 50 commonly used words.

I have created sight word readers flash cards for the 50 site words in these readers Free Printable. I printed mine on card stock, cut them out and glued 2 cards together and laminated 4 (8 words) per sheet.


Today we learned that and pretty in the book That Hat.  We are also going to look at the “at” word family.

Play the game Short a Cat Food by Education.com
Learn to read game by Starfall.com
Word Machine short a by Starfall.com ( I purchased the Starfall apps from google play instead as he likes playing on the pad)

30 Minutes of Story Time:  Reading through Dr Seuss beginner books
I found these great Dr Seuss paperback books with the CD for under $5 each…..
We like to listen to the CD in the car or while doing other projects.

Book Activities:
Label The Cat in the Hat
Make your own Cat in the Hat
Play Fox in Socks game

Fox in Socks Hand Craft:

  1.  Print out fox in socks puppet craft sheet (save image to computer and then print)
  2.  Using brown paint, put a hand print in brown on paper (here is a link to the idea we are going to make using the hand print and printable).
  3. Paint or color head and 4 pairs of socks
  4. Cut out the hand, head and 4 socks and glue onto a piece of construction  paper


Free Letter Tracing Pages Letter Cc Day 5

Page C in My Letter Book…………………………………………
Letter Cc craft by Badanamu.com  (paint or color, cut out and glue onto construction paper page.
All About the Letter C worksheet by Education.com glue onto a construction paper sheet.

Read My “c” Book by Jane Belk Moncure

Math:  We are working through the Kindergarten math workbooks and math Youtube lessons.   Here is a link to Kindergarten Math.


Read the book keeping Your Cool (a book about anger)

Print the Anger Thermometer  laminate it and use with a washable dry erase marker and discuss your child’s anger.

Anger Thermometer Preview

Print out Anger Management Skill cards on card stock or paper and laminate.  When your child gets angry, have them choose one of these cards to help them control their anger.

Anger Management Skill Cards Preview

Social Studies:

Work through Pre-K Social Studies workbook and videos.

Endless Alphabet  (app on Google play)
Endless Numbers
Endless Readers


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