K5 Book 2 Animals Lesson Plan


What we did today……..

We are learning to read sight words and write our letters. We are focusing on sight words and writing upper and lower case letters for the next couple of weeks. We will be working on letter sound review, citizenship, math and our alphabet book at least once a week.

Prior to starting the lesson with your child, you may want to visit the links to Amazon to find the items that I used.  I have alloted 2 days to learn the sight words and read the book.  Your child may need more time, that is fine.  These are work at your own pace lesson plans.

We are using Sight Word Readers by Scholastic which include 50 commonly used words.

This blog contains Amazon Associate links.  I receive a small percent of money for any items that are purchased from links on my blog.  Any product that I provide a link to, is a product that I use myself.  I thank you for your support.

I have created sight word readers flash cards for the 50 site words in these readers Free Printable. I printed mine on card stock, cut them out and glued 2 cards together and laminated 4 (8 words) per sheet.


Today we learned Like and to in the book Animals.


30 Minutes of Story Time:  Reading through Dr Seuss beginner books and more.
Put Me in the Zoo
I Want to Be Somebody New!
Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb



Free Letter Tracing Pages Letter Bb

Page B in My Letter Book…………………………………………
Letter Bb craft by Badanamu.com  (paint or color, cut out and glue onto construction paper page.
All About the Letter B worksheet by Education.com glue onto a construction paper sheet.

Read My “b” Book by Jane Belk Moncure

Science: Animals at the Zoo


Sizing at the Zoo minibook by Twisty Noodle.com
Number 1-10 Hopper Game by Education.com
Less Than or Greater Than Game by Education.com

Math:  We are working through the Kindergarten math workbooks and math Youtube lessons.   Here is a link to Kindergarten Math.

other activties:
Sorting at the Zoo game by Education.com (free membership)
Zoomazing game by Curious George PBS Kids
Play Guess the Animal game


Put me in the Zoo stamping page ( I purchased washable daubers from Amazon)
Make your own animal by Education.com


Social Studies:

Work through Pre-K Social Studies workbook and videos.


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