My Letter book

My Letter book


Have your child create their very own alphabet book.  I want to ensure that this book is very colorful and engaging.  I will use construction paper for the pages of this book and bind it with glue and tape.

Book Construction:

  • 29 sheets of construction paper
  • 2 large board books or clip boards
  • clamps
  • hot glue or rubber cement   (I used hot glue for my first book but I will use rubber cement for the next book.  The rubber cement will work in between each page easier).
  • clear tape or other tape

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Step 1:  Put together 28 sheets of construction paper and place a book on the bottom and the top, leaving a bit of the paper sticking out for binding.  Put the clamps on each side of the books and paper stack.


Step 2:  Use hot glue or rubber cement to glue the binding together and wait for it to dry

Step 3:  Wrap clear tape around the glued binding


Step 4: Print and glue the alphabet_book_cover to the front cover of the book. In my photo I did step 5 before step 4.  Your book will look better with the binding strip on top of your cover coloring sheet.


Step 5: Cut 3 inch wide strip of construction paper to create a binding strip.  Glue the strip around the front and back of the binding.  you can secure the edges of the binding strip using tape.



Letters: ………………………..



Writing: ………………………

write the alphabet A-Z by


Letter Sounds:

A-Z and vowels by

I purchased a complete alphabet book series by Jane Belk.  My “A” book is the first in the A-Z series.  I found these books on Ebay but you can read the EBooks by Jane Belk Moncure on with a free account.





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