Numbers Pre-K to Kindergarten



I found a great workbook by Kumon My Book of Numbers 1-30.  This workbook has very simple and colorful worksheets stated for ages 3-5 years of age.  I have chosen to use both workbook and online learning to teach my son math.

In this post, I will share with you the resources that we are using with this workbook to learn how to count and write numbers 1-30.  At the end of this workbook there is an award
certificate for a job well done.

Additional Apps: Starfall and Endless Numbers

 Count to 10:

Write Numbers 1-10:

The video’s below teach you how to write numbers 0-9.
Watch the video for the number that your working on and then do the number writing page in your workbook.

Practice Tracing Numbers 1-9:

Write Numbers 1-9:

Count and Match Numbers:

Fill In The Next Number:

Count to 20:

Write Numbers 11-20:

Count and Write Numbers 21-30:



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