Geography Pre-K

Geography Pre-K


Learn and Explore.…..
I found these great workbooks from DK about several different subjects and several different grade levels.  Below I have taken each page from the Pre-K Geography workbook and provided some additional educational materials to help teach each topic to your child.

In the beginning of each workbook there are stars and a contents area that allows you to
put a sticker on each page that you complete.  At the end of the book, after all of the pages have been completed there is a completion certificate for this workbook.

I have included links to additional printables and books.  You may want to scroll ahead to see these resources to decide if you would like to include these in your Geography curriculum.

This blog contains Amazon Associate links.  I receive a small percent of money for any items that are purchased from links on my blog.  Any product that I provide a link to, is a product that I use myself.  I thank you for your support.


Planet Earth:

Earth and the Solar System:

1) Take 2 pieces of black construction paper and cut them in half lengthwise
2) Print The Planets Cut Outs and color or paint
3) Glue the smallest sides of each rectangle piece of black paper to create a long strip
4) Cut out each planet and paste in order on the black strip


Looking at a Globe:

Globes and flat Maps:


Up and Down:

In and Out:

Near and Far:

Above and Below:

Left and Right:

Neighborhood Directions:

Map Directions:

Compass Rose:


The Natural World:

The Human World:


1) Print mountain scene
              2) Paint or  color the mountain scene
3) Cut out scene and glue onto construction paper


1) Print forest scene
2) Paint or  color the forest scene
3) Cut out scene and glue onto construction paper


desert background 1) Use strips of colored paper glued onto a paper to create the background
2) Print cactus onto black construction paper and cut out
3) Glue the cactus on top of the background



1) Print the sea creatures at full size on card stock, laminate and use with water beads
2) Print at a smaller percentage, cut out sea creatures and glue onto blue card stock


Complete page 31 in Geography Workbook





  • Complete page 36-38 in Geography Workbook
  • Paint or color the My State Page of Me On The Map Craft  (I put a blank and a State of Texas page to give you an example.  Find a coloring page for your state to glue on this page).


( I have included a blank and city of Arlington page to give you an example, find a coloring page or draw an image of your city to glue onto this page).

Your Neighborhood:

What,s Bigger:

Map keys:

Zoo, City, Park and Nature Maps:


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