Our 45th President Trump Let’s Find Out

Our 45th President Trump Let’s Find Out


January 20th, 2017 our country will have it’s 45th president.  Scholastic Let’s Find out has
come out with a great resource to share this event with young children.  Below you will find books, videos, printables and Scholastic Resource Let’s Find Out that I used to teach my Kindergarten child about What a president is and our 45th president.


Kindle Version $2.99

Scholastic Resources:

Let’s Find Out ………………………………………………………………

These resources require a yearly subscription.  I paid less than $8.00 a
school year  for 4 magazines a month.  You will also receive online access
to present and past issues, printables, games and videos.
I do not receive anything at all from Scholastic, I am just sharing a great inexpensive resource.

We Have a New President

These are images of the pdf’s from Scholastic let’s Find Out





Below are printables that I have found on Pinterest.  Click on the image to
link to the original page and print the item

Freebie! Presidential-Elect Donald Trump Coloring Page, In



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