Learn Sight Words

Learn Sight Words


Sight Words are an important part of learning how to read.   There are 2 lists of sight words that a child should learn by sight, the Dolce list and the Fry list.  You can teach these sight words in several different ways.  You can use flashcards, games, books, videos, apps and more.

This blog contains Amazon Associate links.  I receive a small percent of money for any items that are purchased from links on my blog.  Any product that I provide a link to, is a product that I use myself.  I thank you for your support.

We found a combination of videos, flashcards, stamping and apps to be effective tools in memorizing sight words.  We really like the DVD’s by Preschool Prep

You can rent or buy each of these learning dvds using Amazon video or Amazon.
here are the links

Meet the Sight Words Level 1  DVD or Amazon Video  [rent or own]
Meet the Sight Words Level 2 DVD or Amazon Video  [rent or own]
Meet the Sight Words Level 3 DVD or Amazon Video  [rent or own]


We like the videos and characters so much, that we decided to purchase the sight words readers to go with the dvds.

Level 1 readers: Hardcover or Kindle
Level 2 readersHardcover or Kindle
Level 3 readersHardcover or Kindle


You can purchase the matching flash cards from Amazon.
I found colorful cards for free at Education.comI found all of the sight words for all 3 levels here (Pre-Kindergarten to First grade).
You can print them on card stock or use laminating sheets and a laminator


I found great sight word worksheets at Confessions of a Homeschooler.com.  I found all the words from the dvds in the preschool to first grade sight word sentence packs.


I found Decorate Sight Words pages at Education.com.  Your child can color or decorate each word to create their own sight word posters.  We like to use paint and glitter glue pens.

My son enjoys stamping on paper and play dough.  I decided to purchase a kids upper and lower case alphabet stamp set by Melissa and Doug.  We uses the stamps in the worksheets above and to stamp the sight words on play dough.  These stamps will be used for years to come for sights words and spelling.



Endless Reader  (this is a great app and appears to be free )

Bob Book app is a great way to introduce word families

Starfall learn to read app is a great sight word app


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