Easy Kale Smoothie

Easy Kale Smoothie


Smoothie’s have become the most popular way to get your daily fruits and vegetables.
My son is 5, and will eat very very small portions of vegetables.   I decided that the best way to get him to eat both fruit and vegetables and limit his juice intake is to make smoothies and popsicle (using the smoothie mix).

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Kale and spinach seems to be the most nutritious vegetables for smoothies.  I was making our smoothies by putting all the ingredients into my  Nutra Ninja and blending.  The problem with this, was that the kale took up too much room.  I wanted to add more.

I decided to pull out my baby food freezer cube containers and create kale cubes that can easily be added to our smoothies.  Not only can I add more kale to our smoothies but it is blended finer.

Here is what I did and used ……

After a lot of research I chose the Nutra Ninja Professional.  It appeared to be the best for under $100.00.  Our health and getting the proper nutrients is very important, especially for my growing boy.  This has been a great investment.


I was able to use a half a cup of apple juice (you can use any juice) and half of a large bag of kale.  I purchased mine from Aldi, it is triple washed and costs around $2.50.


Fill your bullet with kale (to max level) and the juice and blend.  Keep adding more kale and blending until it is still thick enough to pour and fits into your blending cup.


Then, pour your kale mixture into the baby food freezer containers.  These containers are great for storing frozen herb mixtures, gravy cubes and more.

I mix these kale cubes with some peaches, strawberries and other fruit, juice and a little honey if needed.  You can take this same smoothie mix and pour it into popsice trays and freeze for a healthy frozen treat.  Good nutrition was never so easy.


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