Alphabet Book

Alphabet Book


When deciding what to teach my son in Kindergarten, I felt that it was important go over each letter in the alphabet.  He already knows the sounds of each letter and can recognize both upper and lower case letters, this book will focus on sight words for each letter.  We are using this book as our main art projects for the year, there will be cutting, painting and sticker fun for each letter.  We are trying to focus on one letter per week.  At the end of the year, it will be fun to go over this book and see what he has accomplished.

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We will be using this un-ruled composition book sideways.  We keep adding activities and will probably end up using more than one of these books for the entire alphabet.


I cut the cover for this book from the Cut & Paste the Alphabet workbook.  We will be using all of the activities from this workbook.

Like most kids my son loves stickers.  This ABC sticker book is a great inexpensive way to add sight words to our book with the fun and color of stickers.

In order to get both the front and back sides of the main letter pages.  I color copied the back sides on my home printer.

I found these great free colorful alphabet worksheets from  He completed the worksheet, then he cut the sections apart and glued them into his book.


Visit Fun With Mama for this great upper and lower case alphabet craft
Letter A to I  both upper and lower case.  I was not able to find this same type of craft for the rest of the alphabet.  So, I decided to make my own.  I will be adding them as blog posts as I create them.  Here is the letter Jj craft for both upper and lower case.


Letter Kk craft



Beginning Sound Cut and Paste Pages by Making Learning Fun.  My son always wants to paint, he will paint each of these letters and add them into his book.


Cut & Paste ABC’s by Creative Homeschool is a great cutting craft that helps teach him how each letter is constructed.  I will first have my son cut out the letter and glue it into his book.  Then, I will have him write the letter inside the letter in the correct order and label each step using 1,2 etc. with an arrow.




For HWOT users check out this FREE printable packet for Cut and Paste ABC's:


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