Scentsy Healthy Alternative

Scentsy Healthy Alternative

I enjoy walking into a room that smells good.  With the birth of our son, I have become more aware of how many chemicals can be in our home.  With the use of cleaning, laundry, air fresheners and more our indoor air can become toxic.
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I wanted a more natural alternative to the wax melts I have been using.  I found soy chips and lavender essential oil at Amazon.  Lavender not only smells nice but can aid in relaxation.

I wanted to clean my plug in wax melting pot.  First I scraped out as much of the old Scentsy wax.  Then, I placed the top dish on some paper towels, added a few drops of water and microwaved on high for 3 minutes.  I carefully wiped out the inside and outside with the paper towels.

I then added the soy chips and 6 drops of essential lavender oil.  Turn it on and let it melt.

After a few minutes my room smelt great and was relaxing.  I turned it off after most of the soy chips were melted.  This evening, I will turn it on 30 minutes before bed.  You can add more essential oil or chips as needed.


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