Ocean Sensory Play



Pretend play is very important in a child’s development.  Both my son and I have enjoyed playing with this ocean sensory bin.  I have created several sensory boxes and recently found that the 12×12 scrapbook storage cases are the best boxes for a personal sensory box.

This blog contains Amazon Associate links.  I receive a small percent of money for any items that are purchased from links on my blog.  Any product that I provide a link to is a product that I use myself.  I thank you for your support.

These boxes have a nice tight closure, stack well and the handle makes it easier
to carry.  I created this sensory bin using water beads that I found on Amazon.

It is so much fun to watch these little bitty beads turn into these cool gel water beads.
How to:  Place about 1/4 a cup of the beads to your 12×12 storage box.  Add about a cup of water to the box and watch the beads grow.  Your beads will become larger the more water you add.  Now, add your favorite ocean animals.

While he is playing with this sensory bin, we discuss the names of each of his
ocean animals, how they breathe and what they eat.  We look up videos about
the ocean and ocean animals.


These Dr Seuss learning library books are filled with great knowledge while being very engaging for both young and old readers.


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