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Thank you for visiting my blog.

I am a home school mom of one.  I enjoy finding ways to make teaching my son fun, frugal and easy. This can be a challenge on a budget.

I am currently collecting materials to begin our Kindergarten learning program.  I have found great free early learning sites, blogs and resources. I will share these is a future post.

I have created a good size library with books that I have found at local thrift stores and online. I use Pinterest and Google to try and find printables, crafts and activities to go with each book. I have not always been successful. I decided to create my own using my knowledge of Photoshop pro.

The state of Texas requires that private schools (a home school is considered a private school and must teach Good Citizenship).  As a Christian mom, I want to include bible lessons into our lesson plans.  I figured what better book to teach Good Citizenship than the bible.  We have found great lesson plans from to teach about government, community and more.

I figured a blog would be a great place to share resources, money saving tips, printables and more ……