Well Made Bedroom


If your like me, you like your bed to look all made in the morning but feel in a hurry to get started making breakfast, laundry etc..  I have the simple solution

First off, I only like cotton and washable on my bed.

I decided to simplify my bed making routine by getting rid of the top sheet and blanket. 

Simple Supplies:


Cotton filled comforter in a medium to heavy weight


Cotton fitted sheet


Cotton pillow cases


Cotton duvet and pillow shams set


Washable throw pillow

Everything I put on our bed is used for sleeping and looks.  This is one of the reasons I like all cotton. 

In the morning all I do is fluff the pillows up against the headboard, smooth out the duvet and put the throw pillow on.


In the winter I may add a cotton blanket to the foot of the bed.  At night we can pull it up for added warmth.

With this easy solution your bed can be fully made in less than a minute.


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