Time and money saver

Time and money saver

I like to find ways to save both money and time.  Costco has yummy rotisserie chickens for $4.99.


This is cheaper than buying a full chicken and roasting it.  I buy 2 birds, I slice some off for dinner and serve with salad or vegetables.
I take all the remaining meat off the chickens.
I will take some of the chicken and make chicken salad.


I will take the rest and split it into 1 or 2 baggies (depending on your recipe or family size).  You can freeze or refrigerate this chicken.
Meal ideas:
– add some taco seasoning and make tacos


– add to casseroles or soups.
– chicken salad sandwiches
We are a family of 3 and 2 chickens at $10 plus $5 – $10 in added ingredients can give us 3-4 easy meals for $5 each.
I usually buy 2 chickens every 2 weeks and freeze the bag meat until I am ready to use it.  My husband thinks the roasted chicken makes the best enchiladas and quesadilas.

Happy cooking!


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