Going Old School


The topic of spring cleaning came up….
The first thing that came to my mind was my grandmother hanging curtains, sheets and throw rugs out on the line.


The mother’s in the 50’s took spring cleaning seriously.  I too like the idea of spring cleaning my home but where to begin…….

Windows, if you are like me you have blinds on your windows.  Blinds are horrible dust collectors. 
Think about all the windows in your home and then how many slats are on each window.  That is a lot of dust!


I am allergic to dust and it makes my stomach turn when I think about what dust is.  Sleeping in a room with blinds is not a good idea unless I had time to clean them weekly.
I do not ……

I decided to go old school and use curtains in place of blinds.  They collect less dust and are easy to throw in the washer and hang to dry (check label for laundering instructions).  I personally like the white lined blackout curtains.  They keep light out and save on energy bills.  To me these are a win win!


Now that I no longer have blinds, I feel that I can spring, Summer, fall and winter clean all my window treatments easily. 

What to clean next?


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