Preschool Prep Letter G Sight Words and Book


Learn words that begin with the letter g with this great letter g book.
You can read this book online for Free at Open Library (My G Book)


I created sight word/sequence cards to go with this book.  Download the Free PDF’s, print the box (only one time for
all letter books) on brown card stock or paper.  Print the sight word cards on white paper or card stock.  I suggest laminating them before cutting them out, as you can use these sight words again and again.

Page 1, Page 2 and Box

What we do……..
We read this book daily, I lay the box and the sight word cards out on the floor or table.  Each time little g puts an item in the box, my son will find the card with that same item and put it into his box.  I make sure and emphasize the sound the letter  g makes.  While we are reading the book, I will discuss the items that are plural and what that means.  Example: Fire Truck and Fire Trucks. After the story, I ask him to tell me 5 things that begin with the letter g.


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