Prep PreK Shapes



Shapes song by Have Fun Teaching


Shape Tracing Pages:

Dollar Tree has several shape and letter tracing books.  Create dry erase pages by tearing up out the pages
and place into page protectors or laminate.  Use dry erase markers or erasable markers to trace out the shapes.
Use playdoh or pompoms to fill or create the shape.

dollar tree learning booksdollar tree prek books

Free shape tracing/cutting printable by
These printables are great as they have several functions:
– print then laminate or put into page protector to create a dry erase tracing page
– use as a shape cutting page
– use as a size sorting page
Shape Tracing cards by worksheet fun (section 1 and section 2)
de69a32f4b751ce4dec717dca9b130a5shape trace 1shapes_sides5_10_names_wfun_2


Shape Flash Cards:

Dollar Tree has several different flash cards for shapes.  Use playdoh to create the shape on the flashcard.

shape flash cardsplaydoh

Free printable shape flash cards by (print-laminate-cut).
Print more than one sheet and create a shape matching game.


Shape puzzle by Melissa and Doug



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