Prep PreK Letter H Hippo Theme



………Learn the letter H
Hippo Theme:
includes: letter H, phonics, counting 1-20, nursery rhymes, days of week, months, seasons, time, colors and shapes


Watch letter H playlist

Daily calendar, season chart, weather chart and months of year
Daily prayer and Pledge of Allegiance

Read My “H” Book by Jane Belk Moncure (Borrow Online at Open

H book

Number 6 Car Mat by Designs by Coriann on Etsy
Make learning fun with colorful printables like these that encourage imagination and fun.


Find the letter H:  The Ants Go Marching  by (laminate or put in page protectors to use over and over with erasable markers)
Great learning resources for the letter H by Confessions of a Homeschooler.  Choose 1 or more activities to do daily.

hippolacingcardhippomagnet hippoclipcards1



Letter H Hippo by Cori-Ann Gilley

Apps, computer sites and Learning Toys:

Time and Shape Puzzle by  Melissa and Doug


Melissa and Doug Alphabet Sounds Puzzle

sound puzzle

Fine Motor Skills

Letter H sensory bin (put items that start with H in the rice bin)




Hot Hippo
(free online to borrow at Open Library


But Not The Hippopotamus
(free online to borrow at Open Library)


There’s A Hippopotamus Under My Bed
(free online to borrow at Open Library)


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