Prep Prek Letter F Apps, Computer and Learning Toys



……………Letter F

Apps, computer sites and Learning Toys:

  • Endless Alphabet App or (Leapfrog or other learning toy, kindle app or computer learning game)
  • Endless Numbers App
  • Daniel Tiger’s Fish Tank by PBS Kids

pbs kids aquarium







  • Letter F Card Playskool Alphie alphie
    This toy teaches letters, phonics, numbers and math.  You can buy additional cards to enhance the learning experience.
    We put the letter F cards in and letter Alphie teach the letter F.
  • Time and Shape Puzzle by Melissa and Doug clock
    This is a great tool to learn numbers, shapes and telling time.   For this age, we go over the shapes and numbers and talk about the minute and hour hand and how there are 12 hours in the day and 12 in the night with 24 in total.
  • Cookie Monster  Find and Learn Number Blocks
    A number toy like this is great for this age to help with following instructions, numbers and math skills.

cookie monster numbers


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