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Prep PreK letter F Activities and Printables



……………Letter F Fish theme


Oval tracing page by kidzone (use print preview option and print at 150% or what your printer fits on one page)
Fish tracing page by Scribd
Find the letter F: Little Miss Muffet  by (laminate or put in page protectors to use over and over with erasable markers)
Letter F fish Coloring Page by The Kids Page
Letter F Mini Book by Kidzone

mini-story-book-fish-phonicsFive Little Fish mini storybook  by






Felt fishing game by Cori-ann (link coming soon)
Cutting page by Kids Learning Station
Rainbow Fish Lacing Card by Coriann





Alphabet flash cards (any flash cards will work, these are nice as they have a wipe off surface for washable markers)

alphabet cards


Prep PreK Letter F



……….Learn the letter F

Fish Theme:

includes: letter f, phonics, count 1-20, nursery rhymes, days of week, months, seasons, time, colors and oval shape







Number 5 car mat by Designs by Coriann on Etsy
Make learning fun with colorful printables like these that encourage imagination and fun.




Choose a book, letter craft or activities to do with your child each day.  Some days you may find that your child does not want to participate.  To keep your child excited about learning, this lesson plan does not have a day to day schedule, work these lessons at your own pace.

PreK Prep Calendar, Season’s and More ……


Daily Calendar:








This is a great inexpensive learning tool that you can use for years.  I purchased the calendar at Dollar Tree $1.00, it included the numbers and these adorable owl holiday cards.  I used clear contact paper for Dollar Tree and purchased small velcro dots from Ebay.  Dollar tree also have Months of the year poster cards that are perforated for easy cutting.  I covered each month front and back with the contact paper.
Each day we will:     – say the days of the week using the calendar
– replace the today is with the date number (the month is above the calendar)
– we will lay all the months of the year out and put them in order








Weather Chart:








I created this weather and Season’s chart using a baking tray from Dollar Tree, free printables, magnetic strips and laminating sheets or
clear contact paper.
Each day we will:  – Print out the weather printable and laminate
–  Look outside and discuss what weather we see
– Have child pick out the correct weather and put on the chart


Season’s Chart: 









Each day we will:  – Print out the Season’s printable and laminate
– Have child pick out the correct Season and put on the  chart



Preschool 10 Commandments


ten commandments mardels
The Beginner’s Bible: Moses and the 10 Commandments Figurines at Mardels $6.99

Sunday School Preschool Lesson Plan:

* Color page images by:,,,,

  •  10 Commandments Song by DLTK Bible (Sing to Jingle Bells)
  • Print bible story props (print the 2 pdf files, then laminate or cover with packing tape, cut out and glue to popsicle sticks

Images by The Beginner’s Bible
Page 1, Page 2


Preschool 10 commandments activities and crafts:


The 10 Commandments

The 10 commandments Boogie

Learn the 10 commandments

Prep PreK Letter E Foam Lacing


……………Letter E Elephant theme

Fine Motor Skill:

  • Lacing foam letter E foam letters
    Recycling project:  Use the letters from an old foam letter mat or visit your local thrift store to find the mats or foam letters
    Use a large hole punch and create a pattern on your letter (be careful when pulling out the hole punch not to rip the foam)
    You can purchase lacing laces at your local craft store or Dollar Tree (use an online 40-50 % off coupon at Joann’s, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Joanns and Michaels have a lot of learning supplies like Melissa and Doug puzzles etc., use your coupon to purchase.
    You can also sign up for the phone apps for all these craft stores.

Prep PreK Letter E Play Doh and Lego Mats


……………Letter E Elephant theme

Fine Motor Skills:

E-and-wilton-cutter-playdoh-matplus signthplus signplaydoh

  • Letter E Elephant Play doh Mat by Coriann
    Print the free elephant mat and put in page protector or laminate
    roll or pat out play doh and cut out the letter E
    place letter E on Elephant and make eyes using play doh or buttons

Prep Prek Letter E Books


…………Letter E Elephant Theme
Books: Elephant and Piggie books by MO Williams


Elephant and Piggie Finger Puppets for story time and pretend play by Coriann
$11.00 Free US Shipping visit my Etsy store
Books that begin with the letter E
My “E” Book by Jane Belk Moncure
Why Elephant Has A Trunk by We Give (Free Book)

Prep letter E Activities and Printables


……………Letter E Elephant theme


Rectangle tracing page by kidzone
Find the letter E: Itsy Bitsy Spider by
Letter E Elephant Coloring Page by coloring
Letter E Mini Book by Kidzone
Elephant cutting page by Coriann
Alphabet flash cards (any flash cards will work, these are nice as they have a wipe off surface for washable markers)

alphabet cards