Who was Queen Elizabeth I?

History Curriculum for Grades 1 and 2.
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What is a verb?

Making reading and writing fun while learning about verbs.

Who was Boudicca?

History Curriculum Grade 1 & 2
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Language Arts/Treasures Grade 1

Language Arts: I decided to try the same English curriculum that our local school district has used (McGraw -Hill Treasures) with some modifications. I purchased the 5 grade 1 textbooks from Ebay for less than $5 a piece with shipping. Later, I found these same books available in .PDF format (see links below). Treasures Text…

Grammar Grade 1

  Grammar Lessons Grade 1 What grammar lessons does your first grader need to learn?  To make it easy, I purchased an inexpensive Scholastic workbook from Amazon for $5.99.   This workbook gives us a lesson plan and worksheets. Watching learning videos and playing games makes learning fun and can help some children retain the…

Good Citizenship Grade 1

Good Citizenship        We use this  Online Social Studies Textbook with printables for Grade 1.   It is       At the end of each lesson you will find a review page, there will be a link to the pdf worsksheets for the lesson.      

Writing Manuscript Grade K & 1

Writing Practice Manuscript Teaching a child to read and write can feel overwhelming but luckily there are several resources to help make this easier.  I tried  “Handwriting Without Tears ”  but it didn’t work for us.  For us combining videos, apps and worksheets made learning to write fun and easy. Lotty Learns has great learning…

How I Wrote Our First Grade Curriculum

    How I wrote our first grade curriculum ……. I guess the bigger question, is why I decided to write my own curriculum? We tried and researched several different box curriculums and none of them seemed to work for our budget or learning style. My son is more of  a Kinesthetic/Visual learner.  As a…

Math Curriculum by Zearn

    First step in creating your own  curriculum is to determine your child’s learning style and your teaching style (there are several online questionnaires that can help you with this).  Do you want thttps://www.zearn.org/users/sign_upo use textbooks or online resources?  Do you want to use Common Core standards or Singapore math? Our Answers to these…

Dinosaurs Grade 1 Science

   I personally do not think that learning about dinosaurs is important unless he wants to be a paleontologist.  So, why am I including the history of dinosaurs into our science curriculum?  My son thinks dinosaurs are cool!  The information itself may not be useful, but learning to read and write about subjects that he…